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Seafood Safety


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Seafood Toxins

It’s is being reported on a German television broadcast that nuclear energy scientists have previously understated the effects of radiation that is affecting people and the food supply, particularly seafood. Public health officials are seeing an actual 42% of all Fukushima children developing severe thyroid disorders.


Make no mistake about it, the nuclear radiation poisoning will be affecting the genes of people who come in contact with it, unless they take major steps to deal with it. Take a look at the video to see how it’s affecting them real time. It’s affecting these little children, and it’s totally unacceptable that it is allowed to continue, virtually unchecked:



Water Contamination

Water Contamination is increasing at an alarming rate. With radiation spills and fracking our water is getting more poisonous by the day. The best thing you can do is to avoid living in any area where there has been any nuclear reactor malfunction, oil pipeline construction or fracking area.


Also do not eat food from those areas, period. Particularly seafood. Get food as far away from those areas as possible. Get a hand-held radiation detector and check it for yourself. Do not trust what someone who may “understate” the damage. You need to take control of the situation and keep you and your family safe.


If you have this knowledge, please do spread it. Also, make sure you’re not drinking tap water. Use a reverse-osmosis or distilled water and then treat it with adya clarity or liquid zeolites to make sure it’s safe to drink. Add a pinch of natural sea salt (from a safe area) per quart of drinking water too. You can read more about water purification by clicking here.


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Zeolite Powder

Use Nano Colloidal Nascent Iodine to protect your thyroid from radiation exposure and take Zeolite Powder powder internally to remove radiation, heavy metals and other contaminants out of you, your family and pet’s bodies. It will start damaging your DNA and genes and lead to cancer and other serious conditions. You can eat foods that remove radiation from your body too. Iodine alone will not suffice.


It is totally preventable it you get it before your body starts regenerating new tissues. Have some of this natural mineral on hand to keep your body clean, and in case of emergencies too. It is also good against viruses, pathogens and cancers. The more we all know, the better we’ll be able to keep ourselves healthy and safe from any natural (or man made) disaster. Find out more by visiting the Radiation Safety Guide.



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19 Responses to “Seafood Safety Alert”
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  1. Sushen Sharma says :

    We must don’t believe officials – they always lie to the public about nuclear accidents, especially in the early days. Good luck Europe and all our planet.

  2. João Moreira says :

    Too much radiation, like too much of anything, is harmful.
    We know about this harm from research and from accidents, and from the effects of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. The effects can range from mild gastrointestinal problems (such as nausea and vomiting) to changes in the blood, to damage to the central nervous system.

  3. Helmi El Shafei says :

    Thank you for the clarification, but I would like to say that the toxicity is the primary cause of suffering, not the radiation, which, though present, is not near as large a danger.

  4. Seerat Saleem says :

    I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

  5. Khushawant Kachave says :

    So much for scientists !!!

  6. Tom Millward says :

    I’m surprised by this especially how far that shit spreads well if your going to eat some tuna make sure you take rad x and rad away after you eat it.

  7. Haron Espinoza Canales says :

    we will all have some of that radiation in us for forever, I think it’s alot worse then they are letting on, we should be trying to help them instead of chasing the boogie man through the middle east. Government is doing nothing to protect us.

  8. Sufel Memon says :

    I do not know if there is a way to punish all those responsible for all this polution

  9. Gajendra Dhaka says :

    Nature will take revenge one day, it will not be time for prayer

  10. Elshan Najafov says :

    One day we will regret what we’ve done to our planet

  11. Jesus Santos says :

    It should take your advice seriously.
    More studies show the dangers that surround us in land and sea
    It is our Consumers can take our responsibility

  12. Thank you very much for your clarification of these dangers

  13. Jeppe Sørup says :

    The next generations will judge us for everything we did wrong in the land

  14. Denis Kowalik says :

    Humanity advances in technology, and degrades everything that is natural

  15. Christoff Dierick says :

    it’s scary and it hurts the heart also

  16. Hassan Seyal says :

    This article is scary but it is the reality

  17. Randolf Racoma Zoleta says :

    The radiation caused by atomic experiments partous and wars in the world, and then we all find it on our plates.

  18. Manuel Taveras says :

    In the sea and on the earth, the man leaves nothing correct.

  19. Vishal Dewan says :

    Thank you for this article.
    I do not know where we’re going with this pace consomation

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