Natural Protection From Radiation Exposure and Sickness!

radiation exposure

 Radiation Protection     Radiation Exposure Radiation Exposure, particularly from a nuclear explosion is extremely dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. It is showing up in our rain water here in the United States at levels 1,333% above safe levels of cesium radiation. What this means is that where a lot of the whole […]

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How To Measure Radiation

test for radiation

How to Measure Radiation      Geiger Counter I’m sure you’re aware of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan that exploded and leaked nuclear radiation all over the Japanese Islands. It has unfortunately killed many local people in the area with lethal radiation exposure and is decimating sea life everywhere. They’ve recently dumped some of […]

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What is Norovirus? Norovirus Outbreak, Prevention and Treatment

what is norovirus

 What is Norovirus     Norovirus Outbreak There is a rash of recent Norovirus outbreaks that is affecting large gatherings of people, particularly at sporting events and even luxury cruise ships. It is something that you should most definitely prepare for, because you can take some simple preventative and precautionary measures to make sure you […]

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