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How to Measure Radiation


Radiation Monitor by a Female Firefighter


Geiger Detector Counter

I’m sure you’re aware of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan that exploded and leaked nuclear radiation all over the Japanese Islands. It unfortunately killed many local people in the area with lethal radiation exposure. They’ve recently dumped some of the radioactive water from the nuclear plant meltdown directly into the pacific ocean! Yikes!


This is a very serious matter, as it has traveled to the United States, Canada and the Pacific Islands. It has already been detected in our food supply, particularly in our rain water, drinking water supplies, milk and beef and now even it’s contaminating our own Pacific Blue Fin Tuna! You’ve got to know what you’re eating and drinking!



radiation in fish


Radioactive Seafood?

The radiation from the Fukushima blast is causing a mass die-off of pacific sea-life. It has now showed up in our pacific bluefin tuna and other pacific seafood! Check your tuna, particularly the pacific varieties because it’s now 10 times the normal limit. Ouch!


Livestock are eating the grass or grain products that have been contaminated by radioactive particles driven by the pacific ocean currents. These forces have deposited this Cesium 137, Iodine 131 and other types of nuclear radiation poisoning right into our local environment. You will want to test the levels in your food and water as excessive radiation levels can damage your DNA, cause infertility and cancer.


I would also recommend getting your own radiation removing water filter in your home as your tap water doesn’t remove it, and they actually add fluoride, another harmful chemical that lowers your IQ and weakens your immune system! It is probably the best way to help protect your family from things that sap your energy and your health!



fluoride water filter


Radiation Levels – Pacific Ocean

Various governmental authorities have been measuring radiation levels in the pacific ocean as well as near Fukushima. We hear the familiar words “trust me” by the scientists who are responsible for the radiation contamination. Whenever some “expert authority” wants me to blindly trust them, I immediately try and verify it for myself if I can.


Scientists from local universities and those who don’t work for the nuclear plants have discovered the opposite. They have actually measured levels of toxic radiation in our food and water supply at levels already approaching the hazardous to human health. And they are growing more each day.  We already know what the “authorities” have told us is not true. Tepco, the Japanese nuclear energy commission even has a compensation fund available for those severely harmed by the accident.


Where there is smoke, there is fire. They told us that we had nothing to worry about with the Japanese Nuclear Reactor, that they had it under control and that it would not erupt. The same people who were hiding the truth now want us to believe that “radiation poisoning” should be no worry for us.” I don’t buy it, and if you value you and your families health, you shouldn’t buy it either.


I’d much rather be safe, than get deformed, have genetic damage, come down with cancer, or be a customer of Forest Lawn! Test it yourself and you’ll be a lot wiser than those who blindly follow what the talking heads are telling them.



home radiation tester



Radiation Exposure Diagnostic Testing

The best way for you to be sure is to test it for yourself. You do not need a lot of experience to do this. You only need to get your hands on a ionizing radiation tester, Geiger counter, or even an inexpensive Keychain Geiger Detector which will show the true levels of radiation in your water, foods, clothing or outside areas.


When you discover the true levels of radiation, then you can take the right measures to make sure the food you eat and the water you drink is safe to do so. Radiation sickness is no joke. It will damage your DNA and ability to reproduce, it 100% causes cancer, and can cause physical deformities if you don’t get radiation out of your body. Zeolite Powder is what has been used to clean up Chernobyl, Fukushima and other major radiation spill.






Test Radiation at Home

Here are a couple of radiation monitors (Dosimeters, Geiger Detectors or Geiger Counters) that you can use at home. Get the best one that you can afford right now, they are listed in the order of least expensive to most. In this nuclear world, it’s always best to be in control yourself and not have some outside “expert” tell you what you should think. You can test it for yourself and act appropriately.



The best thing is to do whatever you can to keep yourself, your friends and family safe. When you do detect any radiation, verify if they are below safe levels for the type detected (in the manuals) and take action based upon the results.


If it is discovered in any amount, I would immediately get some zeolite (the same natural remedy they use to clean up Chernobyl, Fukushima and nuclear radiation spills)  check out the links below to clean and detox this radiation from your body, foods and water:


Radiation Safety Guide

Water Purification Tablet

Herbs for Radiation

Foods that Fight Radiation


Don’t just take “their” word for it – See the truth for yourself! Together we can clean up our planet and leave something for our children’s children for generations to come.

Knowledge is Power – Action on Knowledge is Wisdom.

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    Here’s one that costs nothing except the time to build it. Print the instructions out and leave a few copies where they’ll be handy. Or wait till this all cools down (end of the summer or so) and go on ebay and look for a “CDV-715” for around $20 or so…

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