The Use of Subliminal Music and Images

Subliminal is anything that occurs to us while we are below our conscious level. Some might consider this as something good, while some beg to differ. The use of Subliminal Music and Images is common among the majority of advertisers and can be pretty harmful if we are overexposed to it.

But advertisers find it as one of the easiest technique to lure consumers indirectly into buying their product. The purpose of subliminal music and images are still left in the mist. Partly because some just use it for the fun factor in discovering the hidden messages.

Let us take a look at some images in advertisements, or products. In the mid-’80s, someone discovered that a South Australia Coca-Cola ad poster had some sexual imagery hidden in an ice cube that surrounded Coke bottle (with the slogan “Feel the Curves!). The artist was fired afterward.

Well, more is yet to come, Coca-cola never fails to amaze its loyal consumers with new soft drinks, limited edition bottles, new flavors et cetera. As time goes by, more and more subliminal images are used on the products. Most images that are associated with the Coke bottles somehow are sex-driven. And it is weird isn’t it that all these while; they are targeting the younger generation to buy their products. It is not a wonder why there is a scaling problem of teenage pregnancies!

If you’re not the one that believes that the Coca Cola company wishes to have drinkers associate their products with sex, ask yourself for what reason they would bring introduce sexy games to their labels and marketing. The banner on the label of the coke bottle is emphasizing the idea that sex is important and enlarged.

Because of the banner’s prominence and the logo of Diet Coke, you may assume that one impression resulting from this ad’s configuration would be that Diet Coke was made this question’s subject. Words such as “sexy” and “hot stuff” and “wow” which are drawn on the 6 faced-dice sure suggest something.

This sparked rivalries like Pepsi, Fanta and Dr. Pepper to start this “trend” too. This has to do with Aspects of Attention and it is applied widely.

Of course, there are also other subliminal pictures in advertisements that tend to carry sexual connotations, but we just can’t seem to spot it. But most of the time, believe it or not, these subliminal messages tend to be rather explicit in its contents. So watch what your child is watching.

Then we also have subliminal music. Basically, there are two categories to this. The good subliminal music versus the baddy. These would refer to subliminal music that can aid in self-improvement versus the ones that contain satanic versus or some sort.

Subliminal music that consists of positive affirmations can help in treating certain ailments or overcoming our shortcomings. Ailments like sleeping disorder, lacking self-confidence, and quit smoking can easily be overcome, just by tuning in to the right kind of subliminal music, that you get off the shelves in some stores. See also this cognitive music therapy case study.

There are also subliminal messages in music that consists of satanic verses. Famous songs would include “Hotel California” and “Stairway to Heaven”. The purposes of these satanic verses are still kept in the shadows. Though, it was speculated that Led Zeppelin used this method in Stairway to Heaven to increase his record sales.

While some find these subliminal messages in music and pictures as amusing as finding “hidden Mickey”, these subliminal messages can be pretty harmful as it is now targeting the younger generation. There is no way we can prevent it. Just be a wise consumer.