Human Factors Psychology

Our bodies are part of nature like all other living things that include encoded genetic material but you can find many other facets that are affecting the way people grow and develop. Much has to do with Human Factors Psychology. The main element involved is knowledge and understanding, without this, you will gain nothing at all and also lose nothing.

Recent studies in the field of mind-body psychology have indicated that in individuals with life experiences that bring about newness as opposed to sameness, actually, new brain growth was occurring. New brain activity and patterns were demonstrated to happen at times of increased creativity such as music, art, drama, dance, joy, humor, spirituality, literature, cultural rituals and, of course, knowledge and understanding.

Your mind can also positively affect the healing and aging process of the human body, but the future will consist of Super people who are teachers in the new world that have moved into their next lives and still have the same minds they were originally created with.

The vision of eternal life is real in the future and essential for continual prosperity, peace and the gradual evolution of the human race. Miracles of the mind will not happen with delusional people such as university lectures either who think they are superior, it happens with those who probably are and can lead the way into the future. The right person will be opposite to those who use manipulation to achieve.

Miracles of the Human Mind

This has to be a good example of delusional behavior and these people who stab you and run down others in society are considered to be normal. I have been seriously victimized by a university because they wanted to steal something from me, like a formula. They demand that you think of the lectures as superior, but are nothing but people who want to control.

University lectures are no more superior than primary school children, and I would guarantee you there would be a higher IQ count amongst a group of school children than a group of university lectures, that have infiltrated their way through the system for power. Knowledge is passed on but not always by the lecturer, and their role at the moment will only disappear due to the internet. That would be good, as I would rather talk to a computer than a human anyway.

Learn about, the sub-human race! An incident happened in 2013 where a first-year student at university was victimized by the head lecturer, adviser, and other staff. This is not targeted at just one person either because there were so many involved. This man victimized, was an autistic person with Anxiety Disorder and Aspergers Syndrome, who had escaped this ordeal when the university he was attending tried to trap him in a room with two woman employees dressed up like Barbie Dolls, hoping for a good time in this office.

However, this man had trapped them with their own trap including the corrupt psychologist, who started the problem and is now De-registered. The so-called professionals that you are supposed to trust, and after this, the only thing these idiots could do was hide behind the curtains, lie as much as they could and attempt to reverse what they had done.

Mind-Body Medical

The human mind stores your information and your brain is the processor, that is what happens with your brain. However, if the mind was separated from the brain which processes the information and was replaced with another mind containing different content, other areas of the brain would be stimulated by new information, personality, and other knowledge.

The future will enable humans to have mind procedures that will be simple, but very beneficial to how you feel. Human beings will see this before anything else moves forward, and after the base has been set for the new world hierarchy, the door will open up for people to see and know for themselves.

The human Mind-Body connection will play a major role with humanity including settling a war that has been going on for a long time in our solar system. We will no longer be as vulnerable to others as we currently are and also for our protection against the evil that is already here. After we win this battle, the future plan will be very real for everyone to see. Further into the future, men and woman will be able to choose who they prefer to be for any amount of time, what aspects of attention they appreciate, and also how they prefer to look will be a personal choice.

Mind-Body Research

In healthcare, it’s a common error to believe the study of the mind-body connection is fairly new. However, you would be surprised to know that this field of study began back in the early 20th century. But even that is not quite true, the mind-body connection was proposed already by the Greek philosopher Galen in the 2nd century, but Walter Cannon who was a professor of physiology during the 20th century, initiated interest in the connection between the mind-body emotions and physiology of animals and the digestive system.

He found that animals under emotional stress such as Anger, Fear, Anxiety, and Stress, were also affected. This resulted in the stomach shutting down its digestive functions, and how mental illness such as fear can affect the nervous system.

Today, there are studies that indicate that animals can be used to help master the connection process and will play a major role in initial experiments. These animals will surely prove to be a best friend. The human body both mentally and physically absorbs fear as a frequency and is generated primarily in the workplace as stress.

The change in people creates an opposite type of stress and another kind of thinking that ripples out into the community, leading to irrational planning and increased paranoia. Fear is a tool used for controlling people also, which can lead to faith as a counterbalance, I have faith myself but think there needs to be a more stable balance, with people around the world. Our regard for each other as intelligent people should be standing strong and continue to rise as we develop and move forward into eternity.