Expanding your Heart

We need to focus on expanding our hearts and manifesting our visions of heaven on earth. In the process of neglecting our hearts, we have displaced the importance of overdeveloping the mind. Our current technological crisis can be countered only with the wisdom of the heart. The Shamans of our indigenous people are deeply concerned about this misplaced attention away from the heart and urge us all to listen to our inner voice of wisdom and to feel more.

Once you unite our hearts and minds, we will rise above the tide and move beyond to realizing the dreams we have for healing ourselves and the earth. The time is NOW for us to unite as one healing force guided by our hearts in alignment with our truth, our vision, and our inner wisdom. Our hearts will guide us once again, and the truth will set us free.

The consciousness of our world has recently picked up its rate of acceleration, we are moving faster than we even realize.  We think something only later to hear it spoken to us.  We are manifesting at a quicker pace.  As this consciousness shift occurs, our awareness shifts also. By becoming more aware of your thoughts, you can begin to see how events in your life mirror your way of thinking.

The newspaper and news focus on the spreading of disease, war, and fear. Rather than being drawn into the drama around us, begin to focus your attention on peace, love, and forgiveness. What you focus your attention on is what you will draw into your life. “What our world needs today is love, sweet real love, it is the single one thing that we have just too little of…”  How true! And, it’s up to us to change it, one thought, one voice at a time.

“As within, so below.”  The changes we make within will reflect back to us through others.  Others are the mirrors of our consciousness, our thoughts, and our actions. Shifting awareness begins with ourselves. We’ve got to let go of our frustrations. Others around us will shift as a result of our inner changes. Change begins with YOU!

Inner change occurs with desire and intention. Just wanting something different and asking for help brings about a shift in a new direction. “Ask and ye shall be helped.” Assistance only comes with the asking. FOCUS on your HEART. By placing your attention on your heart, your communications come from that place instead of from the ego.

During this great time of acceleration of our consciousness, let us remember we are all connected, all one. The greatest gift you can give to others is loving yourself! It all starts with YOU!

We are spiritual beings in a physical body. To enrich our spirituality we need to look within ourselves. This is an ongoing process which requires a willingness and readiness to do our work of reflection and introspection of our thoughts and belief system. How we approach and perceive situations in our lives, has to do with the amount of inner time we spend on shifting those inner beliefs and thoughtforms. Shifting our perceptions usually occurs with a shift in consciousness.

It is our innate desire to evolve our consciousness and waken up to our divinity (who we truly are). This process is one of opening up from within ourselves and allowing ourselves to experience our revelations as an inner force. Doing this can expand the way we perceive how the world works in and around us. This thus begins the process of shifting our outer reality. A revelation can occur when we read or hear something that resonates with us on a deep, inner level. Our inner codings get triggered moving us out of our slumber of unconsciousness to a more aware, conscious place.

How we choose to process our outer experiences are a result of our internal processes. As we grow spiritually our inner world expands and our sensory experiences heighten. Thus giving us a more expanded view of our everyday experiences. We begin to see an eagle-like view of the world around us, one that is more encompassing.

Seeing the whole picture allows us to be more detached, less personal as we take the “whole thing in.” Our lives lose the fragmented quality we had when we were unconscious and couldn’t see the complexity behind the scene. Our spiritual growth process can take us to deeper places within ourselves, enriching our lives with insight, awareness, and compassion for ourselves and others.