Expanding your Heart

We need to focus on expanding our hearts and manifesting our visions of heaven on earth. In the process of neglecting our hearts, we have displaced the importance of overdeveloping the mind. Our current technological crisis can be countered only with the wisdom of the heart. The Shamans of our indigenous people are deeply concerned about this misplaced attention away from the heart and urge us all to listen to our inner voice of wisdom and to feel more.

Once you unite our hearts and minds, we will rise above the tide and move beyond to realizing the dreams we have for healing ourselves and the earth. The time is NOW for us to unite as one healing force guided by our hearts in alignment with our truth, our vision, and our inner wisdom. Our hearts will guide us once again, and the truth will set us free.

The consciousness of our world has recently picked up its rate of acceleration, we are moving faster than we even realize.  We think something only later to hear it spoken to us.  We are manifesting at a quicker pace.  As this consciousness shift occurs, our awareness shifts also. By becoming more aware of your thoughts, you can begin to see how events in your life mirror your way of thinking.

Environmental Psychology and Personal Frustration

Environmental Frustration

Our environment is full of obstacles that impede our progress. Our physical environment may frustrate us drastically at times through earthquakes, tornadoes, famines, or floods. It also provides innumerable petty frustrations the barking dog that keeps us awake at night, the traffic jam, the uneven sidewalk that makes us stumble, the pen that will not write, or the rain at the ball game. So read on to learn more about Environmental Psychology and Personal Frustration.

More serious, generally, are the obstacles provided by our social environment. Formal laws and social conventions prevent us from freely expressing many of our impulses. The man who has to work with unpleasant associates, the orphan cared for in the impersonal atmosphere of an institution, and the member of a minority group in a prejudiced community all suffer social frustrations. …

Conflict Frustration and Stress

When an individual must choose one or the other of two goals or has both positive and negative feelings about a particular goal, he faces conflict frustration. Since motives may be either positive or negative—either seeking or avoiding—there are four possible types of conflict: approach-approach, avoidance-avoidance, approach-avoidance, and double approach-avoidance. Check out also this instruction video about Conflict Frustration and Stress:

Approach-approach conflict. When the individual has two desirable but mutually exclusive goals, his situation is described as an approach-approach conflict: For example, a child holding a valued toy may see a kitten he wants to pet. In order to take up the kitten, he must put down the toy.

At the adult level, a young man may want to marry and also to finish his education but, for financial reasons, not be able to do both. Conflicts of this type must usually be resolved by choosing one goal over the other, either excluding one entirely or deciding which to do first.

Human Factors Psychology

Our bodies are part of nature like all other living things that include encoded genetic material but you can find many other facets that are affecting the way people grow and develop. Much has to do with Human Factors Psychology. The main element involved is knowledge and understanding, without this, you will gain nothing at all and also lose nothing.

Recent studies in the field of mind-body psychology have indicated that in individuals with life experiences that bring about newness as opposed to sameness, actually, new brain growth was occurring. New brain activity and patterns were demonstrated to happen at times of increased creativity such as music, art, drama, dance, joy, humor, spirituality, literature, cultural rituals and, of course, knowledge and understanding.

Your mind can also positively affect the healing and aging process of the human body, but the future will consist of Super people who are teachers in the new world that have moved into their next lives and still have the same minds they were originally created with.

Physiological Psychology and Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a reaction which disturbs the human body and mind. It performs for the basic needs to function in daily life. Anxiety is a caution that tells a person to save himself from various threats and danger. In the following video, the symptoms of Physiological Psychology and Anxiety Disorder are explained.

When the body and mind are starting to take action against those threats and danger then a person feels anxiety in form of physical symptoms, increasing of heartbeat and breathing, tired muscles, sweating, stomach problems, and trembling of hands and legs.

All these actions are happened due to a rush of adrenaline and other chemicals in the human brain, and that chemicals are activated in the human body to get away from those threats. The releasing amount of those chemical depends on the mild and extreme situation and condition of the body.

Temperament Psychology – Anxiety Attack Symptoms

In the last post, we talked about Understanding Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks. Now let’s take a look at some symptoms of these attacks. There are two main groups of anxiety attack symptoms, the psychological mental symptoms and the physical symptoms which flow on from them. So here, we’ll focus on Temperament Psychology – Anxiety Attack Symptoms.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms – Psychological Symptoms

The psychological or mental symptoms manifest themselves in the following ways:

  • a constant feeling of worry or distress that is present all the time
  • problems sleeping, with a constant feeling of being tired
  • lack of concentration
  • irritability
  • a sense of over-vigilance and always feeling on edge
  • an inability to relax
  • an unexplained tendency burst into tears

Understanding Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks

So what is anxiety? – well, anxiety is a set of physical feelings experienced by all of us from time to time in response to fear about possible unpleasant future outcomes. So let’s talk some more about understanding Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks.

The physical feelings are those of the flight or fight response, which are caused by an increase in the body’s autonomic nervous system activity and adrenaline levels. In the following video, Alison Sommer talks about Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks at a TEDxCarletonCollege meeting:

Anxiety is a message that we send to ourselves, telling us to do something about the potential problem that might arise in the future.

Unfortunately, many people do not take heed of the feelings and do something about the problem, or they may not actually be able to do anything. In this situation, the anxiety symptoms become chronic, recurrent and persistent, and they begin to affect the health of the person physically, psychologically and emotionally.

The Use of Subliminal Music and Images

Subliminal is anything that occurs to us while we are below our conscious level. Some might consider this as something good, while some beg to differ. The use of Subliminal Music and Images is common among the majority of advertisers and can be pretty harmful if we are overexposed to it.

But advertisers find it as one of the easiest technique to lure consumers indirectly into buying their product. The purpose of subliminal music and images are still left in the mist. Partly because some just use it for the fun factor in discovering the hidden messages.

Let us take a look at some images in advertisements, or products. In the mid-’80s, someone discovered that a South Australia Coca-Cola ad poster had some sexual imagery hidden in an ice cube that surrounded Coke bottle (with the slogan “Feel the Curves!). The artist was fired afterward.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Salary

Are you interested in knowing about the Cognitive Behavioral Therapist salary since you want to pursue a career in this professional track? Well, though Cognitive Behavioral Therapists are often not really visible, you have to understand the importance of their job. So let’s check out something more about the Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Salary.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapists help other people find more happiness, security, peace, fulfillment, and success. Often, this is the most important motivation for people to pursue a career in the world of psychology.

And when they’ve done that, many people may ask themselves, what’s up next? What do you want to achieve and accomplish most? What sort of daily activities and practices will give you a sense of accomplishment and career satisfaction? What exactly are you looking for?

They use the principles of psychology to understand a particular case. You will also have to undertake the responsibility of providing psychotherapy to patients and assess the people involved in the cases. As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, you will, on an average, have to work some 40 hours a week.

Developmental Psychopathology and Abnormal Behavior

This posts focuses on the significance of context in understanding and defining abnormal behavior. We’ll address the core concepts of Developmental Psychopathology and Abnormal Behavior.

Abnormal Behavior needs to be considered in the conditional perspectives in which it happens e.g heartache reaction or the emotional response in the effect of a fearful situation. Abnormal behavior will be more understandable when it is viewed in the context of life’s history and life events.

Demographic Context: age, gender, culture and class influence the definition, classification, explanation, and treatment.

The Continuum between normal and abnormal behavior

All human behavior happens along a continuum ranging from mild to severe (weight been lose in eating disorders). Abnormal behavior is an extension of normal behavior so all human responses happen on a scale.

Many types are overstated versions of normal behavior, feelings, thought, and emotions (e.g feeling slightly depressed and anxious in normal life). The exact difference between normal and abnormal behavior was never totally clear. There are particular standards which have been thought up to make a division between normal and abnormal behavior.