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How to Remineralize a Tooth – Grow and Repair Natural Enamel


remineralize tooth enamel - grow natural

Remineralize Tooth Enamel Naturally

Our teeth become brittle because of specific “tooth enamel eating” chemicals that come in contact with the tooth surface. These chemicals are not natural but have been placed in traditional dental care products, not because they help, but because they get return customers! If your teeth were healthy, you would not need them, and they know this. Do not be fooled by their “bogus” science, and research online about mercury and fluoride (actually causes dental fluorosis – white spots that eat away your precious natural tooth enamel).


In fact there is a warning on toothpaste “Do Not Swallow! Call poison control center immediately if swallowed.” Safe? Yeah right! Stop using any toothpaste with fluoride in it. There are better and safer fluoride free toothpastes that actually strengthen your teeth instead of weakening them like fluoride does. Also get the toxic fluoride out of your drinking water!


remove fluoride


Traditional Dentistry in The News

Bacteria, Heavy Metals and Lethal Toxins are all around at your mainstream dentist’s office. Fluoride actually Causes tooth decay, it doesn’t prevent it. Visit the Fluoride Alert Network or HealthyWorldAffiliates for more info. Mercury is in the new fluorescent light bulbs and is so toxic you are supposed to dispose of them by in a hazardous waste container! Fluoride and Mercury in particular, destroy brain cells, and lower your IQ substantially.


They clog up your pineal gland (where you have spiritual connection and experiences) so you feel lost and hopeless. Mercury, is one of the most toxic substances known to man, right behind nuclear radiation. Why do you think your dentist wears a mask? YouTube it and you’ll find the truth for yourself and make the right choices for you and your family’s health and life.



There is another big problem with the methods they are using, and people are paying for it with their teeth, not to mention their lives as well! I know a few people that have had relatives pass on, because of bad reactions to the chemicals they use (you can even smell how terrible it smells when you walk in to a traditional dentist’s office).


In fact here is a story of an unfortunate “dental treatment gone bad” Flesh Eating Bacteria Death from Dental Office Visit. There is a much better way, it costs less, it hurts less and you actually feel better while doing it (you can do it at home).


Watch this short video showing the true dangers of mercury poisoning:

Natural Tooth Repair

A good holistic dentist is one that uses natural and non-toxic methods that encourage natural bone growth and tooth enamel building. They only use things that are beneficial for your teeth and whole body and nothing else. If you have mercury amalgam fillings (the metal ones) you should visit a holistic dentist and have them safely removed as soon as you can, as you are poisoning your whole body.


Once they are removed you can begin to remineralize your natural tooth enamel and encourage gum growth as well. One natural supplement that will help you grow tooth enamel is neem oil. Neem has been used for centuries in India, and their teeth are better in general than most “modernized” dentistry.


Here are the top natural tooth repair supplements:

  • Neem Enamalizer (You only need 1 drop!)
  • Ionic Toothbrush (Repels Plaque and tartar buildup with Negative Ions, feels like a professional dental cleaning afterwards. It doesn’t scrape off healthy enamel like an ordinary toothbrush, it actually protects it instead)
  • Horsetail Extract (This has a high amount of natural Silica for teeth, hair and nails – use only the Equisetum hyemale type because it is the one that works to rebuild tooth enamel. Use it for about a month. It is harder to find than the common Equisetum Arvense type, but you can try here and get organic powder if they have it – Kalyxherbs
  • Dr. Christopher’s Tooth and Gum Powder (brush )
  • Liquid Dentist (High level natural plaque remover, and tooth enamel filler)
  • Evora (This is optional, but highly recommended – You use this after the other 3 supplements. It coats your teeth with healthy probiotics that don’t allow unhealthy, plaque and gingivitis causing pathogens to take hold, and it freshens, and whitens your teeth too, pretty cool huh?)
  • Complete Dental Rescue Kit (All Non-GMO ingredients
  • Stem Cell Activator – Activates Your Stem Cells for New Tissue Growth & Repair (Also helps with eyesight and Anti-Aging)

Grow Tooth Enamel Naturally

Once you stop using what is causing your enamel to break down quickly (namely, mercury and fluoride) begin using tooth building dental products (wipes out tooth decay causing pathogens and adds natural minerals to teeth) like Liquid Dentist and tooth probiotics (these replace the harmful bacteria with natural healthy ones) like Evora. This has a natural side effect of whiter teeth and naturally fresh breath, it’s all in the proper type of bacteria.


Some are very necessary, and can prevent the bad guys from wreaking havoc in your body and leading to heart disease. Yeah, it’s related to poor dental hygiene (the bad bacteria that tooth probiotics remove). These are natural and holistic dental treatments that are not only safe, but they actually promote tooth repair and fill in teeth that are damaged.

Listen to Dr. Horowitz (holistic dentist) says about it:

Visit the Liquid Dentist page for more information: Liquid Dentist


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Liquid Dentist with 528- 8ozThe number one thing that a lot of people look for when considering whether to get close enough to kiss someone is – nice teeth. Looking and feeling good starts here. You can own a nice set of pearly whites, that always look great and leaves your breath “come close to me” fresh. Click on the liquid dentist bottle below to get more information or start rebuilding your own healthy teeth!

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