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Radiation Safety Guide


Protection from Radiation



Protection From Radiation Hazards

Radiation is all around us all day, everyday. Most of the radiation we encounter daily is from our own sun through solar radiation. That is normal and even beneficial to all life on earth, and even helps us create the highly important Vitamin D when absorbed into our skin cells. There are other types of radiation like EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency Radiation) Microwave Radiation (from Microwave Devices, Cellphones, Cell Phone Towers, and Technology) and also Nuclear Radiation.


Types of Radiation You Need to Limit or Avoid:

  • Solar Radiation (between 10am and 3pm on bright sunny days)
  • EMF & Microwave Radiation (from cellphones, wireless devices and technology)
  • Nuclear Radiation (from nuclear spills, accidents and water runoff)


solar radiation


Solar Radiation

We can get a sunburn from being outside without proper clothing on a bright sunny day, particularly between 10am and 3pm. I love being outside myself and limit direct sunlight on my skin to 20 minutes during these times. This type is usually the least harmful to human health long-term.


Choose protective clothing that covers well, yet still allows your skin to breathe. You can also take Oral Sunburn Prevention Internally along with a good chemical free Natural Sunscreen to prevent yourself from looking like a human lobster, and avoiding the very real pain and skin damage.



electromagnetic frequency radiaiton


EMF Radiation

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is now classifying the EMF Microwave Radiation from Cellphones, Towers and WiFi Technologies as a carcinogen (a cancer causing agent) They are now advising either avoiding close contact (as far away from your body, particularly your brain as possible).


You can get a simple Home EMF Tester to see how much EMF Radiation is being blasted out through your cell phone, and WiFi devices at home. It can literally be frying your brain! It is also highly recommended to limit your usage as much as possible or use some protective EMF protections devices to keep the EMF and microwave radiation flowing through you instead of being absorbed into you.



radiation protection


Nuclear Radiation

Whenever there is an “accident” in a nuclear energy plant that affects the reactors, it can cause the release of radioactive isotopes into the environment that usually end up in the ocean (and in rain water) and can spread radiation for thousands of miles. We all know about Chernobyl and the dead zone there.


Fukushima is still affecting us as they are still dumping live radiation waste into the sea that is spreading in the pacific coastal areas. Even San Onofre California is showing a high level of radiation after their recent reactor malfunction. This radiation can penetrate the human body, particularly the thyroid gland, destroy your genetic codes (DNA), cause infertility, cancer and radiation sickness.


radiation detector


Detecting Nuclear Radiation

I recommend staying up to date with the news (internet news is preferred, because it gives you more “street level” and authentic reporting.) You can see an online map of where radiation is being detected and the severity level. I would look into getting your own radiation monitor (Geiger counter or detector).


They typically cost between $200 and $500, and can very well save your and your families lives. I like the key chain model (NukeAlert) myself for use and portability, it’s the least expensive model too or even a more industrial level one to test your whole neighborhood. For more information check out this page on radiation monitors.


Nuclear Radiation Safety

If you are in an area affected by radiation exposure the best thing you can do is leave if you possibly can. If you have relatives that live in a safe zone, go on an extended stay until your area is deemed safe. I would personally get a radiation tester and test my local area personally as well as my food and water supplies.


If you have discovered any detectable level of radiation then take immediate action on detoxing it from your body. Make sure you have some powdered zeolite on hand as an emergency option as it’s the best natural mineral that captures and removes nuclear radiation from your body before it can severely harm you.


Are Your Foods Safe?

Verify that the foods you eat, and the water you drink are safe. Make sure the food you eat comes from a non-contaminated area. I don’t eat seafood or take fish oils from the Pacific Coastal regions because of the high radiation being detected in the sea life and ocean water there. See Seafood Safety Alert.


Use canned, dried foods that were ideally manufactured before any nuclear accident dates. If you have a radiation tester then you can test the food before you buy it or eat it. This is the recommended method if possible. Get food produced from greenhouse or covered area.


If the radiation has spread through the rain or wind, then it may end up on the grass that the animals eat, and the vegetables that are brought to the local supermarket. It may even end up in the drinking water supplies. It’s always good to have at least one month supply of emergency survival foods.


foods for radiation



Foods For Radiation Exposure

Your best bet is foods that are naturally high in iodine, as this blocks the iodine 131 radiation from being absorbed by your thyroid gland in your throat. Good sources are all sea vegetables and sea foods – all from a non-radioactive area of course. Chlorella and Spirulina, Miso soup, medicinal mushrooms, cheese are other good sources. Here is a list of the top Herbs for Radiation Protection.


You can also add some drops of Nano Colloidal Nascent Iodine and Liquid Zeolite to your foods to stop your thyroid gland from up-taking any radioactive isotopes into your body. Unprocessed sea salt, celtic sea salt, or pink himalayan sea salt are other good things to use on all your foods. You can even soak your foods in natural sea salt or dead sea salt to help make they are as clean as possible. For more information visit foods that fight radiation.


 electricity free water filter


Radiation Filtered Drinking Water

The main types of radiation that are showing up in our drinking water and food supplies are as follows:

  • Iodine 131 (this is the least harmful type and ends up in your thyroid gland in your throat, usually treated with potassium iodide tablets)
  • Cesium 137 (this is more severe and can invade your internal tissues, and cause cancer, and last a long time – treated with zeolit)
  • Strontium 90 (this is ever more severe, and ends up in your bone marrow, causing genetic and DNA damage – treated with zeolites)
  • Plutonium 239 (this last for thousands of years and can be very lethal – treat with zeolite)

There are a few natural treatment options that really work including zeolite detox. You can find out the top methods to keep yourself and your family safe from radiation exposure and illness by visiting:  treatment for radiation.



radiation removing filter 


Water Purification Strategies

Drinking water, milk and juices may also be contaminated with radioactive isotopes (radiation poisoning) as well as fluoride and other toxic heavy metals and chemicals. Every home, office or living space should have access to clean and safe drinking water. You can find easy to install and use water purifiers that will do just that for you. Get your own alkaline Water IonizerReverse Osmosis System or even a Counter-top Water Distiller. You can usually find a water store or kiosk locally that uses Reverse Osmosis at a minimum.


My top recommendation is the PureEffects Water Filter! It is probably the least expensive, but it has natural zeolite crystals in it, so it can remove flouride, chlorine, heavy metals and even radiation. It can also make alkaline water! You can even get a portable water purifier and take it with you wherever you go.


Do not use a Brita or other device, they are not powerful enough to remove the radioactive heavy metals. Doing in your home is best because you can’t be sure how often the water stores, or kiosks change their filters. For more information visit water purification systems.


effects of radiation exposure


Treatment for Radiation Poisoning

The number one thing you can do to prevent radiation sickness is to have some zeolite handy. This is the most powerful supplement that you can use to bind radiation particles that end up in your body. What these zeolites do is trap the radioactive isotope, which is really a heavy metal as well, and flush it from your body. It also works for other heavy metals poisoning like mercury, aluminum, lead and zinc. If you get only one thing, do get this one!


Herbs for Radiation Exposure

There are a lot of natural herbs that can be used that protect and detox against radiation sickness. Lamanaria kelp, medicinal mushrooms and bladderwrack would top the list of herbal remedies for nuclear radiation protection. Try and find organic or wild-crafted sources to make sure the they are as pure as possible and not from a contaminated area. You can get more information on these individual herbs and herbal remedies to detox your body from toxins by visiting herbs for radiation.


radiation guide


Radiation Safety Checklist

Here’s a recap of the steps you should take to be safe:

If you do what’s listed above you will give yourself and your family the best shot at getting through a radiation catastrophe in optimum health.



pure effects water filter


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  1. If radiation is detected in your area, please take Natural Zeolite as fast as you can, so the nuclear radiation particles won’t stay in your body and tear it up!

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