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 Home Treatment for Food Poisoning or Hangovers


woman in pain from food poisoning


Treatment for Food Poisoning Symptoms

Food poisoning can be one of the most painful things you ever experience. I know (and I’m sure you’ve experienced it at least once, if not a few times in your life too) because I’ve been down that road and wasn’t prepared for it. I was on the floor curled up in a ball because it hurt so bad I couldn’t even move. And I’m a very fit person (natural bodybuilder). Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. I have the few natural ingredients at home that detox toxins including those caused by food poisoning symptoms.


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Food Poisoning Symptoms

Since you can’t always control what is in your food, how it was produced or what may or may not be in it, the best thing is to have a solution for the inevitable touch of mild food poisoning or even a case of severe food poisoning. The good thing is that this solution works not only for food poisoning symptoms, but also for other dangerous poisons or toxins that you may have accidentally taken, even from an overdose.

Most Common Symptoms of Food Poisoning

  • Acute Gastrointestinal pain (stomach pain)
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea

If you are experiencing any of the above food poisoning symptoms within an hour or two of eating something, then you should immediately detox yourself. Don’t leave it to chance because the pain can be intense and be very damaging to your body. It can be life threatening in severe cases like in botulism.

Activated Charcoal Food Poisoning Remedies

If you can vomit out the offending food, then by all means do this first. Use ipecac or place your fingers or clean object down your throat and think of something really gross. Then use charcoal, particularly activated charcoal should be your first line of action for food poisoning or any other ingested toxin or harmful substance, including hangover, drug overdose or radiation. For radiation also use zeolite afterwards because it is specially geared to remove all traces of radiation from your body. Use Bentonite Clay (betonite) after that to keep your body from re-absorbing the toxins back into your system or brain. Very important!

How to Use Bentonite Clay Internally for Detox

If you suspect that is a severe case of food poisoning or other toxin, then make sure it doesn’t get re-absorbed back into your body by taking bentonite clay internally. It pulls toxins out of your intestines to be flushed by your body during elimination. Most people know about its ability to detox the skin for beauty treatments and acne, or even at health spa’s but few people know that you can eat clay! Another good thing you can do is to do some exercise that makes you sweat and raises your body temperature – a hot sauna bath can perform wonders at helping you detox quickly too.


healing and detoxing in far infrared sauna


Hot Sauna Bath

Taking a hot sauna bath, using a far infrared sauna if you can (the best results in the quickest time) or even an inexpensive portable far infrared sauna that you can use at home. or doing some cardio exercise that makes you sweat is also very detoxifying. Do this for at least 20 minutes. Alternate between cold showers and the hot sa

una as this opens the pores and increases total body circulation and detoxification. If you can it is a good idea to take some niacin as this actually flushes toxins out of your stored fat cells as well as breaks your fat into fatty acids which can be used to fuel your workout and be released from your body. You lose stored body fat too! It is a natural detox that removes toxins that we all have stored in our body. You feel so much better afterwards.

Niacin for Detox

Niacin detox is something that we should all do for long term health. You want to use niacin b3, which unlike niacinamide will make you flush. You want this! It is uncomfortable but this is what opens up your fat cells to be broken down and removes the stored toxins too. You lose excess calories in the process. It increases total body circulation which is good for everyone, particularly people with heart concerns or diabetes.

Niacin Dosage for Detox

Begin with 100mg and work your way up to 500mg (or more) per day. This works wonders really well with exercise or a sauna. You might want to eat a small snack if you are not working out before taking niacin until you get used to it. Also eat some fibrous vegetables or take an organic fiber supplement to flush out all the toxins after you’ve freed them from the stored fat. We want to keep them moving out of our body, not be absorbed back into our blood stream!


stop hangovers


Getting Over a Hangover – Charcoal Relief

When you have a nasty hangover, the cause is because of acute alcohol poisoning. You can use the items below in the list as a Morning After Hangover Relief Kit. Hangovers like food poisoning is an acute (rapid) poisoning of your body faster than it can recover from. And like any poisoning Activated Charcoal is the answer. Take your charcoal (burnt toast if you don’t have any activated charcoal) and drink plenty of fluids. The toxins, acidity and dehydration cause the headache and nausea. Using Megahydrate can rapidly hydrate your body and bring pain and nausea relief. Add a pinch of salt and cayenne pepper to a glass of purified water (a natural antioxidant and alkalizer) if you have or squeeze the juice of one organic lemon into it.


I use organic because I don’t want to add more toxins (from pesticides) when I’m trying to get rid of them! Alkaline helps the stomach feel better and quench the excess acid. Yogurt and cultured foods are good too, as is taking a probiotic supplement. Do some cardio to make you sweat or go to the gym or home infrared sauna and sweat it out. Eat some soup, people say Menudo is really good for this and take a multi-vitamin with vitamin-c or organic antioxidants to stop the free radical damage caused by the alcohol.


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Home Treatment For Food Poisoning or Hangover

Here’s what you need in order to get food poisoning toxins out of your body or other poisons, including hangovers!

  • Take Ipecac or try to vomit out the bad food or poison, unless its some type of corrosive acid
  • Take activated charcoal tablets immediately
  • Take zeolite or adya clarity if you have it for radiation, heavy metals for viral or bacterial infection
  • Use Megahydrate to rapidly hydrate your body and organs (brings pain relief too)
  • Take niacin 100mg to start up to 500mg with water or juice
  • Perform cardio for 20 minutes or use far infrared sauna
  • Take bentonite clay internal formula
  • After a few hours or next day, take organic fiber to flush all toxins out.

That’s it! Have these items on hand and you’ll be prepared to get through any bout of poisoning or food poisoning symptoms quickly and easily. Have the activated charcoal ready for hangover!

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  2. What an awesome article on food poisoning! In several countries, this is the most under-reported condition. Your article with different forms of detox will assist in curbing this unnecessary pain. Thanks again!

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