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Don’t Use Tap Water in Your Neti Pot!


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Tap Water and Brain Eating Amoeba

In News Reports: Tap Water Has Been Found to Contain Brain Eating Amoeba That Enter The Brain Easily When You Irrigate Your Sinuses or Use a Neti-Pot:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Jewish Health in Colorado both have issued a warning about nasal washes after two people have died from using tap water to do their sinus rinse.

Health experts say it’s safe to use nasal washes. It’s not about the rinse, it’s about the water. They warn that a mixture from a faucet could be fatal. Health News


Using Neti Pots For Sinus Drainage

Using a neti pot is perfectly OK to use as long as you use purified water and not tap. If you have chronic sinusitis symptoms, then there is a much safer treatment that works for sinus infections, congestion, runny noses and post nasal drip.


It’s a natural sinus infection treatment that will make using sinus washes needed only to flush hair or ragweed when you come into contact with it an inhale it. If you have been diagnosed with Nasal Polyps, then check out this natural program to treat it naturally without surgery!


Sinus Drain techniques need to be changed to make sure they don’t allow tap water to be used in them. The contaminants in tap water are dangerous to human and animal health. They are harmful especially in nasal washes because they enter the blood/brain barrier relatively easy, and bypasses your immune system.


Flesh Eating Bacteria Discovered in Water

There are frequent stories about this flesh eating bacteria found in fresh as well as sea water that is causing people horrible scarring, amputation and even fatalities. It’s not always possible to avoid this if you go swimming in a public place, but you can and should control it in your drinking water at home!


boost your immunity


There are harmful pathogens, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, fluoride, prescription medication people are flushing into your water system, as well as radiation and heavy metals too. I highly recommend that you don’t drink it either. You really need to get a water filter that gets rid of all the pathogens, heavy metals, radiation and toxins in your water. At the very least get a portable water purifier and and purify the water you drink or put into your neti pot.


Your immune system may catch it, but why risk your health when you don’t have to. Or better yet, boost your immune system so it will catch everything thrown at it and not worry anymore.


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Get a Good Water Filter!

Why You Need a Drinking Water Filter. You absolutely need a good drinking water filter because of the chemicals, pharmaceuticals (people flush down the toilet and it ends up in your water), viruses, bacteria, fungus, pesticides, industrial waste, etc. It’s no longer a question of if you should, but rather how you should filter your water.


There are many good simple water filtration systems that can give you peace of mind and even begin to achieve better performance and health levels. Here are the 3 most common water filtration methods:


Don’t drink or rinse your sinuses with untreated tap water. It’s easy to install your own system or at least go to a water kiosk or store and get good water. Bottled water is not the best either; it still has a lot of chemicals like fluoride, which lowers your IQ and sperm count, and even weakens your immune system.


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I have a whole house water purification system and it does the job so I don’t have to worry about the water damaging my brain, liver or other organs. If you swim in a fresh water pond, I recommend taking some natural zeolite powder before and after you do so, so it can protect your health and allow you to do what you want to do without risk. Liquid zeolite can be easy to carry around if you’re on the go.



Using Colloidal Silver

Using a natural agent that neutralizes harmful organisms and bacteria that cause sinusitis is what you really want to do. Treating the symptoms of sinus infections is very helpful, but getting rid of the cause of it is by far better. OxySilver is one of nature’s wonders that has actually helped my sinuses.


You can even make your own colloidal silver at home with a simple Colloidal Silver Generator. You can make hundreds of gallons of nanosilver (tiny particle size) and adjust it to your individual needs in parts per million (PPM). The higher the concentrate PPM, the more powerful the antibiotic properties. I use about 20ppm for sinuses. For a bad infection you can go a lot higher and get nip an infection or outbreak in the bud quickly and safely.


I’ve just started taking it after hearing about recommendations on it. I’m on my second bottle and my sinuses (that used to keep me up at night) are much improved. It has the added benefit of helping boost your immune system and removing harmful pathogens that are deep in your body.


 silver nanoparticles


Here is what another person with sinus problems has to say after trying OxySilver:

“Ok, I used 8 bottles of Sovereign Silver, 2 Bottles of Utopia silver, 2 bottles of homemade 50ppm silver from Arkansas, 2 bottles of prescribed Argentyn 23 Colloidal silver, about 8 bottles of Silver Shield, and numerous bottles of American Biotech Labs silver and MMS I had an internal infection that I said I dont know what’s going on, but silver should get rid of it and I can go on with life. 1st teaspoon of Oxysilver and I had immediate results after 15 minutes. I said no way. Well, I am 100% straight and as an added benefit, my sinus problems dissappeared. Thanks!”  Mike Anderson


“I have suffered from chronic sinus headaches for most of my adult life; I’m 50 years old now. Miraculously since I’ve begun taking OXYSLIVER, I’ve had many days and nights now of no pain at all. I can honestly tell you, nothing I have ever done has had nearly the positive effect on my Sinus condition and I seem to be continuously improving. Thank you.”   Anonymous user


Homeopathy also works wonders to bring balance back (proper moisture to dryness ratio) to your nasal sinus cavities. Visit Homeopathic Remedies for Sinusitis to discover more!

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