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filter out fluorideBest Water Purification System


best water filters 

Best Water Purification Systems

Uncontaminated Drinking Water is essential to your health. You’ll see why it’s so important to your health to get one of the Best Water Purification Systems you possibly can. You can’t always trust your local cities or governments to provide clean, chemical and toxin free drinking water to you. Some even add toxic chemicals like fluoride to your drinking water. While other’s are downright filthy and highly contaminated, that they will cover up how bad there water is. 


Unfortunately this is happening in Flint, Michigan now, see kids poisoned by heavy metals in their water. I personally know someone who got really sick from the heavy metals contamination in the water. I suggested she take zeolite immediately and drink highly filtered water, never tap! It’s on you to make sure the water you and your family is drinking is safe. No one can do it better than you can. Get your own water filter and don’t depend on anyone else for your ability to drink clean water.


You can forget about Brita or Pur water filters for these types of toxins. Brita and Pur water filters only remove larger sized particles and the “smell” of chlorine, not the actual chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical products (birth control pills, medications, etc.) radiation and other pathogens. They are fine for light duty, but there are even better filters that remove even radiation and fluoride! Zeolite Filters and/or adding some Adya Clarity to your drinking water are much better at purifying water for drinking.


If you want a pitcher type filter like that, then opt for the Zen Water Purifier, as it’s much more powerful, and actually makes the water highly alkaline and healthy. The best home water purification methods include: Tabletop Water Distiller, Reverse Osmosis Filter, or a Water Ionizer (see the reviews for each type below). In emergency situations you should have a manual type purifier (one that doesn’t need electricity).


portable water filter


Emergency Water Purification

A power outage can occur at any time. What that happens, your local water district’s tap water filtering stops as does your home water purification systems, unless you have a generator. Having an emergency water purification system, and particularly a manual one (one that doesn’t require electricity) is something no person should be without!. If the power goes out, you and your family can still have safe, clean drinking water. 



If you’re on the go, hiking, backpacking, camping or just out in the great outdoors, then this method is definitely for you. It the longest lasting, and most durable water purification method you can find on the planet. I highly recommend the Katadyn Pocket Water Filter because it has the most powerful filter system, and highly durable and easy to clean.



I recommend the Katadyn #1 or the Alkapod (alkaline) line because they have the smallest 0.2 micron filtering (meaning it gets to the microscopic protozoa level of filtering) and is used even on muddy water! The Alkapod even has zeolite in it, although it’s not as durable as the Katadyn, it is more economic if you’re on a strict budget.


These are very solid units, no batteries needed, and the only ones that have lasted. They are Swiss engineered with a lifetime warranty. They have plastic models that are cheaper, and break within 7 months. You can’t afford for it to break right when you need it! This is the only model that I really recommend point blank.


Store the water in a stainless steel BPA free container, ceramic or other BPA free container. Use water purification tablets, but not Potassium Iodine (which is what makes iodized table salt) so dangerous. This salt is toxic, ask your doctor! Natural sea salt is beneficial. A little difference can make a big difference to your health.


water purification pills


Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets are an inexpensive backup to reduce some heavy metals and radiation that may have seeped into your drinking water supplies, particularly tap water! Potassium Iodine can help in an emergency and everyone should have some in their first aid kit. 


The following are the best emergency water purifiers for making safe drinking water from any water source:

You should always have one or more of the above at your disposal to ensure you and your family have clean safe drinking water at any time. 


Adya Clarity, 2 fl. oz. (Magnetic Sulfate Minerals)
Adya Clarity, 16 fl. oz. (Magnetic Sulfate Minerals)
Adya Clarity, 32 fl. oz. (Magnetic Sulfate Minerals)
Adya Clarity 2oz
Adya Clarity 16oz
Adya Clarity 32oz


Adya Clarity

This natural substance is made from black mica extract, which comes from volcanoes and is in the same family where Powdered Zeolite is made from. This is one of the main detoxifies that David Wolfe recommends for Radiation. That is why they are so good at neutralizing radiation. 


Listen to what Dr. Brian Clement (Hippocrates Holistic Health Center) has to say about why everyone should be using this natural supplement and have it on hand for any emergencies:



Adya clarity minerals are a natural water purifier and zeolites are a body detoxifier of radiation, viruses, heavy metals, cancers and toxins in general. Add this to any water that you think may be contaminated with radiation, bacteria, viruses or other toxins.


berkey water filter review


Portable Water Purifier

An easy way to make sure you can have purified drinking water, is to get a good quality Portable Water Filter that you can take with you anywhere. The following are great for emergencies and to ensure you and your family can get safe and clean drinking water in any situation:


Berkey makes the best portable gravity water purification systems and they are also very highly rated, with a high customer sanctification. They are strong portable gravity water purifiers that can store a good amount of water.The main types of water purifiers for home use that transform contaminated water to clean and safe drinkable water are: water distillers, reverse osmosis, water ionizers and whole house water purification systems.


best water distillers


Water Distillers

You can get a counter-top Water Distiller, that will distill water – a few gallons a day. This is a simple way to purify your water. These units usually come with other filters as well as the distillation process. It’s more plug and play than Reverse Osmosis. One of the things I like about it is that you can take it with you wherever you go, on trips where you don’t know how good the water quality is. This type of water is the best for detox, as it flushes all the gunk out of your body, with the exception of fluoride.


Water distillation system don’t do nearly as well as RO or Ionized water in getting rid of all chemicals as they can stick to the sides of the unit. Distiller water is highly acidic, as it doesn’t not have any natural minerals in it, so it will flush the minerals out of your body. This can be good short term (to remove excess calcium deposits, and clean your pineal gland). Just don’t use it long-term as it can make your bones brittle if you get rid of too much calcium in your body too fast. That’s why I recommend Ionized Water for long-term drinking water.


ro water


Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification system that uses pressure to push water through microscopic openings that trap harmful minerals and particles. It removes the most stuff, particularly fluoride and contaminants. Like distilled water they make the water soft (without minerals). This is really good for water purification and especially in emergency conditions.


RO water purfication is the Gold Standard when it comes to high level water purfication. They work so well, although you do have to have a little patience if you’re installing your first one.  Get the Best Reverse Osmosis System and you will be set with safe, clean, toxin free drinking water that tastes great. 


After you have distilled or RO water, you really should add some beneficial minerals back into the water, as it is acidic and it will have lost its natural structure. This really means that it is not as hydrating and as good for your body as natural spring water. You can add some Ionic Minerals to your water (even a shake of sea salt to a gallon of water) to help re-mineralize and alkalize your water.

Remember to add your ionic minerals to re-mineralize and alkalize the water afterward. You can also a get an AlkaPod, a portable water alkalizer (which makes ionic water – and puts the minerals into it automatically), the no fuss way to clean alkaline water.


alkaline water ionizers


Alkaline Water Ionizers

Alkaline Water Ionizers are the cream of the crop for healthy drinking water. Ionized water (or ionic water) is in it’s most perfect state for health and hydration. It’s full of healthy minerals and is highly electrically charged and will energize your health and your life. Drinking alkaline water regularly heals many diseases and chronic conditions.


It gives you energy and allows your nervous system to work like it should, and even clears up that mental fog that slows us down and makes us tired. It can take your workouts and exercise routines to the highest level.


Here’s what a high level brain injury specialist has to say about how it personally transformed her own health, once suffering from excruciating inflammatory arthritis pain, to now living an extremely healthy and vibrant experience:



I love drinking alkaline water myself, particularly after working out as it not only hydrates much better than other types of water, but also gets rid of the lactic acid that makes muscles stiff and sore, so I can go longer if I want or need to.


If you don’t live near an uncontaminated natural spring, it is advisable to get your water from a Reverse Osmosis, Distilled or Ionized Water Filter. Particularly if you live in an area with toxic water like Flint Michigan. You can even get your whole house outfitted with reverse osmosis for not too much money. I like the Pure Effects Water Filter the best overall. It has zeolite powder in it, so it gets heavy metals, lead, aluminum, radiation, fluoride, chemicals, and pathogens out of your drinking water.


whole house water purification system


Whole House Water Purification Systems

Getting a Whole House Water Purification System is probably the best thing you can do for your health. Unless you have one, Don’t Drink the Tap Water! Pure drinking water is your greatest natural resource, your life and health depend on it! There are too many harmful things in tap water, like Radiation, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Pathogens like brain eating amoeba and the prescription medications that other people flush into your drinking water supply. 


You’ll save money by not having to drive around and depend on others for your family’s health. Not to mention high fuel prices. There are lot of great home systems for you to use. Just remember to use water purification tablets (adya clarity) or Liquid Zeolite to the RO water if you are being affected by radiation or some other harmful toxin. It’s a small step to make sure you and your family will remain healthy during some major catastrophe. Be well!


best water purifiers


Best Water Purifier

The Best Water Purifier will make your water drinkable and remove deadly radiation, heavy metals (including chlorine and fluoride), pathogens, bacteria, viruses, giardia (from human and animal feces) and other harmful toxins from your water. Most people don’t even realize how what they are drinking is sapping the energy and life right out of them. Here are the most common ones, but not really the best ones:

  • Bottled Water (varies by brand, usually still contains some fluoride, radiation and toxins)
  • Brita and Pur simple water filters (makes water taste better, not much more)

These water purification methods help with taste but not much else. Brita and Pur type filters will not purify contaminated water, period. You will want something that actually gets the disease causing chemicals and pathogens out of your drinking water. 


Here are the Best Water Purifiers you can get (Portable to Whole House):

You can get the best water purifier that also produces the best tasting and hydrating water and greatly improve your health and performance.


We are what we absorb, so start absorbing the best water you can get and FEEL the difference – Mind, Body and Spirit!


water filter reviews


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  17. You’re very welcome, I’m glad that you also see the value in putting quality nutrition (including water) into our bodies to fuel our brains and bodies. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. The Natural Health Doc says :

    Excellent info, very informative. I’ve always been pro-filtered water but didn’t realize how important it is to be picky in which filter you’re using. I had also not considered water purification tablets for emergency situations. Thanks.

  19. Dianna,

    Distilled water is empty water, meaning all sediment is removed including minerals. This means that the water is highly acidic because it’s the minerals that make it alkaline. Adding Adya Clarity is a wonderful and recommended addition. To make your water as alkaline as the Kangen water or Ionized water, you need to add ionic minerals to the water to alkalize it. You can find out more about alkaline water at

  20. Dianna Roveto says :

    I have been getting Kangen water from a friend. Days ago we discovered Adya Clarity and are now using it in distilled water instead of the Kangen water. Just wondered what the difference is and if the Adya Clarity and bottled distilled water will still be alkaline water?

  21. Yes, there are portable water filters that you can carry with you, all the way up to units to purify huge amounts of water. If you want a unit to take backpacking or truly portable I would pretty much only recommend the Kadadyn Pocket Water Filter. It has the smallest 0.2 micron filtering capability that gets to the protozoa level of filtering and can even be used in muddy water if you had to. As good as that is, I would still have some zeolite or adya clarity with me as well, which can purify other foods and liquids as well.

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    I am looking for all natural water purification for outdoorsmen. Like to purify lake and stream water. Do you know of anything like that?

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    We all need not just drinkable water we need water that nourishes us… find the source that works for you is key. Love the blog.

    Thank you for your comment. We do need water that nourishes us. After being pure (free from toxins) it is best structured and alkalized (ionic).

  24. We all need not just drinkable water we need water that nourishes us… find the source that works for you is key. Love the blog.

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