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How to Whiten Teeth at Home

Studies Show That You Are Not Alone! About 80% of the Population have yellow teeth from drinking coffee, tea, wine, and other drinks. Not to mention smoking or just forgetting to brush and floss regularly. I used to have the very same yellowish teeth myself. I switched to Holistic Dentistry and have healthy white teeth, without harmful mercury amalgam fillings.


People used to think I was anti-social because I didn’t smile (I wanted to, but was ashamed to show my teeth because they were dingy looking.)  I went to my dentist and got a few treatments, it was expensive but it worked as well as Idol White. Unfortunately you have to follow up regularly to keep them that way. There is a much better and less expensive way!


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Natural Teeth Whitening System

One of the biggest turn-offs that I hear (I’m a health and relationship coach), is that a person who begins seeing someone, that is really compatible, is really put off by the thought of having to kiss that person because of funky teeth. It is often tied with bad breath as the number one turn off and can lead to physical distance between people.


There is a new natural tooth whitener that also prevents gum disease and tooth decay too. It uses probiotics (healthy bacteria) that are normally found in the mouth that not only displace the harmful bacteria (the ones that cause gum and tooth decay, and make your breath smell like a dragon’s lair) but they produce natural hydrogen peroxide, which is nature’s tooth whitener!


You can even use this for superior pet oral care. Don’t hide any longer when your best friend wants to jump all over you and lick your face. Wouldn’t it be sweet if “Ralph’s” breath were a bit fresher, and his teeth were healthier too? Click here for the Pet formula.


Take a look at this short video and you’ll not only discover the easy to whiten your teeth naturally , but also freshen your breath and prevent expensive and painful trips to the dental office too:


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Thanks to modern technology you can get laser tooth whitening results in the privacy of your own home! Whitening your teeth can not only improve your health (it also kills tooth bacteria, and can improve heart health) but it can improve your relationships and self-confidence. Imagine being on the spot to speak, with yellow or green teeth!  It has changed my life and it can change yours too.



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Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

  • Use Tooth Probiotics between meals (They prevent gum disease and whiten teeth naturally)
  • Brush with an Ionic Toothbrush (proven over 3 times more effective than a brush)
  • Use Liquid Dentist to rebuild healthy teeth enamel and whiten teeth naturally too
  • Avoid Fluoride (yes, Fluoride – It can actually weaken your teeth, and destroy your health)
  • Use a Fluoride Free Xylitol Toothpaste (natural sweetener that actually kills tooth and sinus bacteria, fluoride free too so you won’t get dental fluorosis or Alzheimer’s!)
  • Use Organic Toothcare Products (The best natural toothcare products you can get!)

Using these natural dental health products brings you professional celebrity whitening and superior dental health.


Laser Tooth Whitening is probably the fastest and most expensive treatment option. It works well, although you do need follow up treatments and need to schedule the time to make dental office appointments. It can be a little costly too. I did that for a while myself and it did work, although it left my teeth sensitive and painful to hot or cold drinks. It also did nothing to prevent tooth decay or gum disease.


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This new probiotic treatment is so beneficial to not only your teeth (and your love life, and social outings) but also helps prevent body wide bacteria attacks and heart disease (heart disease is linked to unhealthy tooth bacteria!) I highly recommend this tooth whitening system over any other system in the world, as it works like no other and has unmatched benefits!


Now go and show the world (and the new people you will meet) how good it feels to kiss someone with a fresh mouth full of smooth and healthy pearly white teeth! Click on the Evora Plus banner below and put your best teeth forward!
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