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The Best Anti-Aging Products


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Switch on Your Immortality Gene

Most people don’t even know they have an “immortality gene” inside their body right now. If you can turn off this gene’s aging process, you can effectively stop aging! What is this anti-aging gene? It’s called a Telomere. It determines how long you live, as well as how your biological quality of life will be. It’s how your cells age and instead of producing new healthy cells, it makes cells with imperfections that age you (age spots, skin wrinkling, loss of elasticity, organ failure, brain aging and memory problems. It even is now being used to determine if you are about to develop cancer in your body


Fortunately a new way to stop your cells from again has been discovered. It is a natural supplement that activates your own bodies Telomerase, which is what protects and regenerates your Telomere Length and stops cellular aging. It is called TA65 and is scientifically proven to turn on your “immortality gene” and not only slow down or stop aging, but actually reverse it! Yes you heard that right! Imagine your skin getting tighter, your hair returning to it’s natural color, length, thickness and fullness. Your  body straightening up, excess body fat transforming into healthy toned muscle tissue. Do I have your attention yet?


Thanks to Modern Science and the Latest Longevity Technologies from a Board-Certified Anti-Aging Physician and specialist – Dave Waynorowski, M.D. Dr. Waynorowski is part of the human genome project and lifetime researcher into anti-aging and longevity technologies and products. He is part of this year’s David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference, and speaks extensively on how you actually reverse your body’s aging – from the inside out. And this is not just a healthy organ program, it gives you more physical strength, stamina, and you are biologically younger and it shows in your outer appearance!


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The Key is in your DNA. By lengthening your telomeres, you lengthen your life! It stops the natural aging cycle and improves your quality as well as quantity of life. You always knew you could look and feel years younger, now science makes it real for you.  TA65 is a natural supplement that reverse aging and gives you back your youth, literally. Dr. Waynorowski, uses a few natural supplements that has proven to improve the biomarkers of aging, in laboratory studies as well as personally in his own life. He is an anti-aging holistic doctor (that is strong and youthful) so he knows his stuff.


Dr. Dave Waynorowski author of The Immortality Edge reveals powerful anti-aging and longevity strategies that will help activate your potential to live 150 plus years!

Dr Dave will teach you some of the following medical breakthroughs:

  • How To Successfully re-program your DNA and Reset their code back 20-30 years!
  • How To Turn On Your Own Unique immortality gene and more than outlive your Hayflick limit of 120 years (the medical limit our telomeres allow).
  • How to Use The Nobel Prize-winning research to reverses biological aging.
  • Discover Two powerful protocols that will slow down the aging process in your cells and make yourself look younger!

Take a Look at this video which shows you the key to unlocking your “immortality gene.”



Here is What Longevity Dr. Dave Waynorowski Recommends to Turn On Your Body’s Anti-Aging Genes:



Use these (listed top to bottom in order of importance) to stop the signs of aging and even reverse the damage. Eat the best foods you can, think positively and share your success with others.  You can find out more about Dr. Dave and his panel of holistic health rejuvenation experts and the Longevity Now program at: Longevity Now




We all know that health begins on the inside and you can supercharge your anti-aging quest by using all the tips that are in the Longevity Video Series. I watch them regularly and learn so much. There is an exciting video series LIVE from The Longevity Now® Conference, that shows you how to make everything in your life work so much better. You’ll see a 63 year old woman (Dona Gates) who looks like she’s in her twenties or thirties (no kidding), no more and discover her secret. This just blew me away personally, as it did for some of my twenty something friends who thought that she was so “hot.”


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The Anti-Aging Diet

When it comes to developing healthy habits, it’s as easy as adding one new serving of organic fruits or vegetables to your diet. Whole nutrition as the foundation of quality of life as well as quantity of life. Who wants to live longer if you’re not in control of your life. There is a great book an Australian Trainer who is focused on longevity and anti-aging nutrition and diet who has a great book you might want to look at, it’s called RawFit Longevity Diet.


It includes easy to make juices that include healthy fiber can actually prevent most diseases and cancers even before they form in your body. The New NutriBullet Magic Bullet 1700 watt Blender/Juicer is something that I use regularly and the nutrition I am getting has me not only leaner, but my skin and muscle tone is incredible!

magic bullet n17-1001 blender

New NutriBullet 1700 Watt Blender/Juicer



The Longevity Workout

I’ve heard the phrase “It all comes down to diet and exercise” so many times in my life that it is a given to me now. There are tips and “tricks” you can use to “fast track” your way to a desired goal, but in the end, it still comes down to diet and exercise over the long haul. It’s because they both can boost your natural endorphins “feel good” hormones, and feeling good is what most of us really want. There are specific exercises you can do to keep your bones, muscles and heart healthy and actually look better than you did when you were younger.

 longevity exercises for women


You basically want to keep your bones strong, your muscles, joints and connective tissues flexible and firm, and your heart and lungs operating at healthy efficiency, so you can do anything in life that you want. It’s actually pretty easy, once you get into the swing of things. Most people learn best by actually seeing and doing, and that’s why I recommend going to a gym, taking a yoga, tai-chi or fitness class first.


Of you can’t get out regularly, you can get some highly motivating and easy to perform longevity exercise DVD’s and books that show you step by step, how to live a youthful and healthy, happy life. For longevity movements there is a Qi Gong DVD that I recommend that is longevity based. For complete health and fitness longevity anti-aging nutrition and research you will find the Longevity Series DVD’s invaluable.


 natural skin care product

Best Anti Aging Skin Care Product

We all know that looking and feeling youthful begins on the inside. When you look good, you feel good. So looking your best is very important to many people, including myself. I just feel better when I look my best. People seem to respond to you better when you know you look youthful and alive. So, having smooth, elastic skin is important to how you look and feel. It can change your attitude and confidence and how “life treats you.”  I personally stay away from any harmful substances, and chose the natural approach that stays with you much longer.


I’ve discovered a line of new anti-aging skin care products that turn back the clock of time on your skin: Revitol. They are often compared to a natural form of Botox in their skin tightening and brightening results. You can find the right anti-aging skin care product for your individual needs and see the exciting results for yourself.


Here is what Revitol natural anti-aging skin care products do for you:

  • Anti-Aging Eye Cream
  • Skin Brightener
  • Rosacea Remover
  • Dermatitis Eraser
  • Skin Exfoliater
  • Acne Easer
  • Stretch Mark Eraser
  • Pore Minimizer
  • Hair Removal
  • Cellulite Eraser
  • Anti Aging Skin Care


Getting rid of facial wrinkles is the #1 thing you can do immediately that helps you look many years younger!

 natural skin care

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