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Zeolite – Natural Zeolit (Powdered or Liquid Zeolites)

zeolite being created by nature

Zeolite Protects You From Health Robbing Toxins     What is a Zeolite? What are Zeolites? Natural Zeolite is the one substance you can’t afford to be without in today’s world of increasing toxic food and water sources as well as EMF, Cellphone and Nuclear Radiation Exposure. Zeolit (Clinoptilolite or Natural Zeolites) are nature’s most […]

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Microwave Radiation & Cellphones – Get EMF Protection


World Health Organization Says Microwave Radiation is a ‘Carcinogenic Hazard!’   Microwave Radiation & Cell Phone EMF The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is classifying the microwave radiation from Cellular Phones and Towers as a carcinogen (a cancer causing agent) and advises either avoiding or limiting usage, and using Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) protection devices to limit […]

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Chemtrails: Chemtrails Exposed!

Chemtrails - Clouds of Disease

Have You Seen This Pattern In Your Sky?   Contrails Chemtrails I’m sure you may have seen this type of cloud pattern over your home or your kids school yard lately. They are becoming almost an everyday occurrence in some parts of the so called civilized world. What in the world are they? They have […]

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