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Nurses Refuse to Take Vaccinations – Dr. Oz Says No!

 Nurses Refuse to Take Vaccinations – Shouldn’t You?


Don’t Over Vaccinate Yourself or Kids

Nurses would rather get fired than get vaccines! Do they know something you don’t? You bet they do, and they don’t want those poison in their bodies, and you shouldn’t either. High Risk and usually no gain is not a good bargain, particularly when you include the fact that there may also be tracking devices (why most nurses will not take these vaccines for any reason) and very harmful heavy metals like mercury.


There always seems to be one “outbreak” scare after another, and a recommended vaccination that is almost being forced upon all of us. Is it really helpful, or does it do more harm than good? Current research gives us a clear answer to that question: All people, particularly children, and especially infants should avoid taking excess vaccines if you want them to be alive and in good health.


Minimum of 40 Children PARALYZED after taking vaccination!

Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of stories like this that usually don’t even get reported! Vaccines can kill you, so you better think twice before you get one or subject your loved ones to these harmful procedures. Dr. More >